The NSW government originally planned to admit 250 international students every two weeks starting from the middle of this year. But the plan was shelved due to the outbreak of the Delta epidemic.

According to the Australian newspaper, Perrott is discussing the relaunch schedule of the project with universities. On Thursday (September 2), he told Sky News, “I met with the principals yesterday to discuss how quickly the international students can return to school. Our view is that we will be as early as the end of November. To allow international students to return.”

But Perrott said the plan depends on when NSW can reach 70% to 80% of the vaccination target. Calculating at the current rate, the state is expected to reach an 80% complete vaccination rate in early November.

According to the back-to-school plan, international students will spend 14 days in the student dormitory without affecting the government’s hotel isolation.

Currently, only NSW and South Australia are preparing to open entry for international students after the vaccination rate reaches the standard. The opening plan of the two states has been approved by the federal government.

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