Those eight days in July felt like a lifetime for Ahmad Azari. The time frame from July 6 to 14, when the Trump organization declared and later cancelled its arrangement of repudiating select understudy visas if holders’ fall classes would all be on the web, was set apart by “consistent dread,” says Azari, a BU worldwide understudy from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Prior this year, Azari (Pardee’21), an Iranian resident by birth, heard reports of worldwide understudies being denied section once more into the United States subsequent to returning home for breaks. Stressed that he would confront a similar destiny on the off chance that he got back for the late spring, he stayed here for an entire year—a move that cost him his UAE residency status.

“I don’t speak Farsi and I have been to Iran just twice in the course of my life,” Azari says of the nation he might have out of nowhere been ousted to if the approach had held. “You can envision the dread I had.”

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