No matter what stage of the university you are in, you have to set aside a year to prepare for the matter of going abroad. Of course, the earlier you prepare, the more time you will have. But no matter what stage you are preparing for, you must remember the following three points, that is, grade points, language and goals.


The first is the goal. You can set a goal for yourself, such as how many ranked schools do you want to enter, which country or region, which university, and what major you study. Each school and each major has different requirements, and some are easy. Some are difficult. Look at the school’s requirements, the school’s list, the requirements for GPA and IELTS, etc. If your undergraduate school is not on the list, then consider other schools. It is meaningless to choose a cost-effective and possible coexistence. Is the best.

And think about which field you want to develop in the future. After all, you still have to work when you come back from abroad. Find a field you like to specialize in, and you will be more motivated to learn. After you have a goal and a direction, you can work hard according to your goal, so that life will not be boring, and you will not be blind to your future direction. This is a necessary thing to do.


Next is the grade point, which is an important indicator related to the school you apply for. This thing is usually related to your university background. The better your university background, the lower the grade point it requires. If you The worse your university background is, the higher your grade point requirements will be. Of course, there is also a situation where your college is not in the list of schools you want to apply to, then your grade points will be irrelevant and will be included. pass off.

How to prepare for grade points, like freshman and sophomore, it is necessary to take the test to the higher level from the beginning, and it is best to maintain a basic score of 85. A score of 85 is in an excellent state. Students with good background can apply to the top 50 or top 100 schools in the world. Those with not so good background can apply to the top 300 or even the top 150 in the world. the University. However, there is not so much time for the third and fourth year, so I can only reduce time to prepare for studying abroad, while still applying credits, so it is best to keep it from the beginning of the freshman year, so as to save the distraction during the third and fourth year. this matter. The grade point is very important, everyone must pay attention to it, let alone fail.

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