1. Take a strong focus on international education as part of the United States’ recovery from the new crown epidemic and support fair access to international education opportunities.
2. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with countries. Continue to work together to strengthen international education cooperation. It also includes other important activities, such as American students studying abroad, international research, cooperation, and learning world languages ​​to ensure that international topics and perspectives become part of American education at all levels.
3. Formulate the US national strategy and talent introduction strategy. Continue to welcome international talents and use talent strategies to drive technological and economic strength, innovation and development.
4. Clearly convey the policy guidance for international students and establish a “fair, efficient and transparent” student visa process and teach kids Spanish.
It can be seen that these actions involve visas, admission opportunities, job opportunities and many other points of interest to students studying in the United States, which are of great significance to studying in the United States.
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